This is how long it takes to steal every item in Untitled Goose Game

The goose is many things; violent, rude, annoying, and a bit of an asshole. He is also a kleptomaniac.


Once you get to the end of Untitled Goose Game you’ll drop the bell in the pit and discover, just like a serial killer, the goose collects trophies. Mainly bells.

But that’s a big pit, and there are a lot of items the goose has grabbed, moved, broken and hidden on his journey through Great British Bake Off Land.

So how long would it take you to grab every item in Untitled Goose Game and drag it back to your lair? According to TerakJK, around seven hours.

There are a few things to note. First up, this isn’t strictly every item in Untitled Goose Game as it doesn’t include the gardener’s hat or his hammer. And the pit itself has a few invisible walls, so there’s some difficulty in dropping every item in there. But still, it’s a pretty impressive feat and surely keeps the short game alive much longer. At least until we get a sequel of DLC.

If you’re struggling to tick off items on your to-do list, we have a complete guide to all four sections of the game. And you should read this on why Untitled Goose Game is so British it hurts.

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