Watch the first few hours of Borderlands 3 live

Come check out Borderlands 3’s opening hours played live.

If you’re unsatisfied with the slim number of Borderlands 3 reviews so far, it can be helpful to watch final code running for yourself to see if the game is up your alley.

We’ve already seen plenty of Borderlands 3 gameplay, of course, but there remains something special about witnessing the journey of starting out a new game at launch. Good news, then, because our man Arekkz is streaming Borderlands 3 from the beginning right now on Twitch.

Arekkz is playing on PC, and starting off with a new character. There will be some early-game spoilers, though, but nothing past the first three-ish hours.

Watch it along with us below:

Watch live video from ArekkzGaming on

For everything else you need to know about Gearbox’s latest, hit up our massive Borderlands 3 page where you can learn things like download size, launch times and much more.

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