This Doom 2016 mod turns a modern reboot into a 90s DOS game

Doom 4 Vanilla imagines what Doom 2016 might look like if it was released in 1993.

This is an awesome demake of Doom 2 – retaining the monsters, guns, and levels of Id Software’s 2016 reboot while re-introducing the limitations of the 1993 release. Doom 4 Vanilla features the soundtrack of Doom 2016, by way of MIDI tracks. But it also has the final boss of the 2016 release, the Spider Mastermind, redesigned with the blocky textures of the 90s.

Doom 4 Vanilla was assembled by modder “Noiser” on the Doomworld forums, using sprites, textures and audio from over 20 additional contributors. You can see the full credits on the release thread here.

It’s “Doom 2016 the way 1993 did it,” writes Noiser in a post. “After almost two years, I’m proud to announce my biggest project so far: It’s a gameplay mod inspired by Doom 2016, made to be compatible with any source-port (or without any of them). 100% vanilla compatible and full of dehacked tricks! All under the limitations of the original Doom2.exe[.]”

Take a look below for Doom 4 Vanilla in action:


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