Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Update Time – When does the Red Dead Online Summer Update start?

The wild west is changing. While it got off to a rocky start, Red Dead Online has long been an underrated romp with its own involving story, tons of Stranger missions, and a fortune just waiting to be made. With this brand-new Summer Update, Red Dead Online is getting three new Frontier Pursuits for you to role-play: Trader, Collector, and Bounty Hunter.

Each new pursuit has their own progression tree to master, unlocking powerful items as you complete objectives.

As a Bounty Hunter, you can track down extra tough NPC targets and naughty players for cash, while traders establish their own shop at their camp. Collectors on the other hand hunt for rare curios all across the West, adding all sorts of jewellery and trinkets to their hoard.

That’s not it though. This time the update will bring with it a host of quality of life improvements, making player movement quicker and more fluid, changes to the defensive combat style, and the ability to change your character’s base appearance without starting all over again.

But what time can you play? It’s not an exact science, but this isn’t our first rodeo.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Update Time

Previous updates in both Red Dead Online have come out at 3PM BST (the current UK time zone).

Accepting that today’s summer update will drop at a similar time, this means that we can expect the new Red Dead Online content to be live from 4PM in Central Europe, 10AM Eastern, and 7AM Pacific.

Alternatively, updates for Red Dead’s fellow Rockstar Games cousin GTA Online come out much earlier in the day – around 5 hours earlier in fact – which would make it imminent.

Either way, now’s the time to finish up any last business, save your money for new items, and prep your peppiest outfit to show off to the influx of new and returning players.

Apparently PlayStation players will be able to claim a Butcher Table for free to kickstart their trading career, but stay tuned for the latest on how to get started once the update drops.

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