Minecraft has over 112 million monthly users, which is massive

A lot of people are still playing Minecraft regularly. Like…a lot.

In an interview with Business Insider, Mojang studio head Helen Chiang told them that the game has just reached this milestone, outpacing all previous projections for how many people are playing the game.

That’s over 1% of the world’s population, although we’d have to suspect that some people are playing over multiple devices or accounts to inflate that figure a bit, because it’s huge. As of May, the game had reached 176 million sales, so it’s fair to assume that a lot of the active users are playing multiplayer with friends or family on copies they did not buy themselves.

Minecraft continues to grow, with ray-tracing support coming to the PC version and Minecraft Earth on the horizon. The game is ten years old now, but is obviously still extremely popular, and this figure is all the more impressive for the fact that Minecraft is not free to play.

This also means that Minecraft has more active monthly users than Roblox, which has a still-huge 100 million a month.

If this inspires you to jump back in – or even if you never left – check out our guide to the best Minecraft seeds.

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