Sea of Thieves updates go monthly with Dark Relics

Hope you enjoy skeletons, sailor. They’re coming, and they’ve nicked a boatload of Dark Relics.

Dark clouds loom over the Sea of Thieves. Those ruddy skeletons are causing a heap of trouble, robbing the titular Dark Relics from the Order of Souls.

Dark Relics marks a move to monthly updates for Sea of Thieves. Starting with July’s Black Powder Stashes, Rare will be dropping new seaborne adventures on the second Wednesday of every month.

That means a new Voyage, special activity or otherwise alongside new cosmetics and commendations on a ship-shape schedule.

Dark Relics brings three new voyages to hunt them down the eponymous trinkets across the seas. There’s an additional adventure for Pirate Legends, a treacherous trip into The Devil’s Roar. Pack your sharpest cutlass.

This month’s update brings more than just haunted toys and glowing skulls. Some puzzling new sunken ships have been scattered across the seven seas. Locked within their soggy decks are new Reaper’s Chests. Collect a healthy bounty on delivering these bad boys, but beware: You’ll be marked on everyone’s map from miles off on picking them up. Get ready for a fight.

The update comes with the expected host of fixes and improvements across the deck. Importantly – you can also strap a harpoon cannon onto a rowboat and go wakeboarding, pirate-style.

Check out a full list of what’s new over on the Dark Relic Release Notes.

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