Epic Games takes a stand against abuse with statement defending Ooblets developer

Ever since Epic Games began establishing the Epic Games launcher as a valid competitor to Steam, the company has come under scrutiny from players.

Much of this criticism has been built around Epic’s exclusivity tactics, where it pays out a large sum of money to developers to secure an initial release on its platform. We’ve seen it with Mechwarrior 5, Tetris Effect, Zombie Army 4, and more.

As well as Epic coming under fire, these developers – who have chosen financial security, which is their right – have also faced fire. One of the most recent cases is Ooblets, whose developer stated in plain terms that the deal would guarantee the studio doesn’t go under.

Since then, the small indie team has faced waves of harassment, with people spamming them with abuse, as well as pictures of gore and pornography. Epic released a statement last night, standing in solidarity with its business partners.

“We at Epic Games have often shared our views about the game business and companies in it, and we support the entire game community’s right to speak freely and critically about these topics, including the topic of Epic, our products, and our store,” the emailed statement reads. “When everyone shares their earnest views, the best ideas ultimately prevail.

“The announcement of Ooblets highlighted a disturbing trend which is growing and undermining healthy public discourse, and that’s the coordinated and deliberate creation and promotion of false information, including fake screenshots, videos, and technical analysis, accompanied by harassment of partners, promotion of hateful themes, and intimidation of those with opposing views.

“Epic is working together with many game developers and other partners to build what we believe will be a healthier and more competitive multi-store world for the future. We remain fully committed, and we will steadfastly support our partners throughout these challenges.

“Many thanks to all of you who continue to promote and advocate for healthy, truthful discussion about the games business and stand up to all manners of abuse.”

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