Side-mounted fingerprint sensors are completely underrated

<em>The Samsung Galaxy S10E has its fingerprint sensor on its side, and it’s surprisingly great.</em>

I used to love the fingerprint sensor on the back of my Google Pixel 3. It felt simple. I just placed a finger on it, waited a moment, and after my phone vibrated the tiniest amount to confirm everything’s okay, I was let into my device. Now, though, after spending a week with the side-mounted fingerprint sensor on the Honor 20 Pro, I’m not so sure it’s the simplest or most convenient place for a fingerprint sensor after all.

Back in the bulky bezel days, there was one obvious place for manufacturers to put their shiny new fingerprint sensors. Apple, Samsung, and pretty much everyone else plonked a big home button on the bezel at the bottom of their displays, and we got used to holding our phones so that either thumb was positioned to...

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