Rumor: Pokemon Sword and Shield to release on November 15, new features detailed

We’re hours away from a Pokemon Direct, but a post on Reddit may have spilled at least some of the beans already.

If a reddit poster with a seemingly solid recent history is to be believed, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will release on Nintendo Switch on November 15. The post also suggests a few other things about Pokemon Sword and Shield, which we’ll quickly summarize:

  • The two traditional version-exclusive legendary Pokemon are wolves, as suggested by the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield logos.
  • Z-moves, powerful super attacks first introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, will make their return in some form.
  • Roaming Pokemon will also make their return.
  • A major new gimmick will be ‘giant Pokemon’, which is pretty much what the name suggests: huge, oversized forms of Pokemon that can be encountered, caught, battled and all the rest. It appears you’ll also be able to make your regular Pokemon temporarily giant, and that the mechanic will be used in stadiums/gyms.

While a simple reddit rumor isn’t usually something we’d so easily pick up on VG247, this one has piqued our interest for a few reasons. For one, the reddit account that posted this has a visible history of dropping hints and information prior to announcement, including recently listing a bunch of correct information on Ghost Recon Breakpoint before the game was announced. Second, as previously mentioned we’re mere hours away from a Pokemon Direct that’s due to detail Sword and Shield further – and the closer you get to these events, the more likely it becomes that their contents will leak.

Take all this with a big ol’ bucket of salt for now, then – but we’ll surely know if this is true or not at 2pm. Stick with us on VG247 – you can watch the Pokemon Direct here later today, and we’ll update our pre-release Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield guide with everything you need to know as it happens.

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