Leaked Apex Legends Season 2 trailer confirms major map change

As players predicted, Apex Legends’ second season will bring about an update to the game’s Kings Canyon map.

At the tail end of Apex Legends’ Season 1, the developer began experimenting with a few minor tweaks to the scenery in Kings Canyon.

This culminated recently with the Repulsor towers being turned off and back on again, which caused the wildlife surrounding the area to roam freely for a while, before they were forced back out. It now appears this has all been building up to a much bigger change coming in Season 2.

The Apex Legends Xbox community page published the two Season 2 trailers ahead of time, revealing the surprise. The first is focused on story, and constantly teases the hero Crypto (more on that below), but the gameplay trailer is what actually shows the updated map.

An EMP was detonated inside the arena, possibly by Crypto, that caused the destruction of its defence systems. As a result, massive Leviathans previously seen in the waters surrounding Kings Canyon now roam the map. The flyers, which briefly featured into games last week, are also back in full force.

Sections of Kings Canyon have been devastated as a result, some due to the arrival of the wildlife, while others were caused by the explosions. This also means new areas have been established, which the trailer shows briefly.

Earlier today, players spotted Crypto’s laptop in the game’s world. The laptop is featured repeatedly in the Season 2 trailer, and believed to be a tease for the hero after Wattson.

Outside of that, the trailer shows off some of the new skins and emotes coming to Apex Legends with the Season 2 battle pass. The trailer will be going live officially today at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 6pm BST.

In the meantime, you can watch Reddit user ChangeThisXBL’s rip below:

Both season 2 trailers in FULL HD Quality! from r/apexlegends

Season 2 kicks off July 2.

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