Fortnite: Season 9 secret Battle Star and Fortbyte locations

Season 9 is well underway, so let’s look at the loading screen for each week and where you can find the hidden Battle Stars and Fortbytes.

Once you finish all the weekly challenges, you’ll get a unique loading screen that subtly reveals the location of a secret Battle Star or Fortbyte as part of the Season 9 Utopia challenges.

Epic Games has introduced new Fortbyte challenges this Season that will contribute to the Utopia challenges, and Fortbytes replace the usual Banners you would find in loading screens.

Let’s look at all the loading screens so far and, more importantly, where to find the Battle Stars and Fortbytes.

Fortnite Season 9 loading screens

Fortnite Week 1 secret Battle Star

The Week 1 screen has some coordinates scribbled on the side of the machine gun that point to a location just south of Lonely Lodge, close to the top edge of Paradise Palms. The coordinates are I5, I6, J5 and J6, so jump in and find it for yourself.

Fortnite Week 2 secret Fortbyte

You don’t actually need to have unlocked Loading Screen 2 to grab this Fortbyte, so head to the south of Paradise Palms, near the pink dinosaur to get it.

Fortnite Week 3 Battle Star

There are some very good boys in this week’s loading screen, and just below them is a drawing of some cars. Head to Junk Junction and search for the pile of stacked cards to find your star after completing the Week 3 challenges.

Fortnite Week 4 Fortbyte

Head to the ATM machine in Paradise Palms and smash it open to find your week 4 hidden Fortbyte.

Week 5 Battle Star

The Week 5 loading screen has leaked, and you can just see the coordinates B2, B3, C2 and C3 on the edge of the purple ring. Head there to find your Battle Star.

Week 6 Fortbyte

The Week 6 screen is also available, taking place on top of a building in the rain. We’re not sure where the Fortbyte is yet, but we’ll update this page once we know more.

Fortnite Season 9 Weekly challenges

You can check out all the Fortbyte locations here.

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