Destiny 2: Season of Opulence features a new six-player activity called the Menagerie

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence kicks off later today and Bungie has provided a short summary of what to expect.

Along with new challenges, loot, and lore, in Destiny 2: Season of Opulence you can expect a new six-player activity called the Menagerie.

Players who beat this new match-made activity will use the Calus’ Chalice of Opulence to create an offering of runes. These runes are exchanged to pick out specific weapons and armor you’re wanting.

Bungie said that over time, you will be able to upgrade the Chalice to acquire additional, more powerful rewards.

Destiny 2: Chalice of Opulence

You’ll need to choose a Chalice at the start of the quest line which will determine the kinds of rewards you’ll get. Much like The Reckoning, different tiers of the Menagerie will unlock over the coming weeks and it will increase in difficulty.

Alongside Menagerie runs, you can earn runes by completing weekly bounties and opening weekly chests at the Nessus Barge. Pop the runes into your Chalice before a Menagerie run to get the reward of your choice.

Each rune affects what you receive and some of its properties, depending on how you slot them, so you can work some magic to get the roll you really want.

A new currency, Imperials, can be used to upgrade your Chalice to acquire various perks, such as Masterwork stats for your new gear. You can unlock additional rune slots to allow more control of an item’s specialization, for more runes, or more rune variety and additional powerful rewards from the Menagerie.

Owners of the Annual Pass will find new Menagerie bosses introduced throughout June. This will conclude once Heroic difficulty is introduced.

Matchmaking will be available for normal difficulty, but Heroic will require a pre-made fireteam.

All players who have completed the Forsaken campaign can try the Menagerie once, as well as access the Imperial Summons quest. This will allow you to “Power Surge” your gear to 690 so you won’t get slaughtered trying out the new content.

Each week, owners of Forsaken will also be invited to search for treasure. Benedict-44 will have different objectives you will need to complete in order to earn powerful rewards “on your journey to 750 power.”

This season also includes new Pinnacle weapons, Iron Banner, the opening of the Tribute Hall, new Moments of Triumph, and the Solstice of Heroes event returns.

You can see what else is coming in the Season of Opulence here. For everything else, take a look at our Destiny 2: Forsaken guide.

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