The Fortnite Season 9 Week 2 challenges have leaked, take an early look

If you’re not too busy with all the new stuff already in Fortnite this season, another full set of upcoming challenges have leaked. Here’s what leaks suggest is in store for the Season 9 Week 2 challenges in Fortnite.

Since this information is based on leaks garnered from datamining, these challenges are subject to change. This week the scoop comes from @BRLeaks_ on Twitter.

Fortnite Season 9 Week 2 challenges

  • Launch off Air Vents in different matches
  • This one might take a while to pull off, since you have to complete it over multiple matches, but it’s very straightforward. A lot of the vents around the volcano and Lazy Lagoon are still active, so head that way for easy progress.

  • Stage 1-5: Land at Snobby Shores, Fatal Fields, Sunny Steps, Dusty Divot, and Happy Hamlet
  • You’ll have to complete these stages across multiple games, but remember that you don’t have to do them at the start of a game. As long as you deploy your glider – from a Rift-to-Go, Slip Stream, or anything else, you’ll get credit.

  • Eliminate opponents in Sunny Steps or Shifty Shafts
  • Try to complete these challenges early, because these areas tend not to be popular zones. Hopefully there will be some cool ways to get eliminations in the upcoming Wick’s Bounty event.

  • Deal damage to opponents with pistols
  • Pistols are common, and if you have a strong trigger finger can be deadly. Since they’re so outclassed though, it might be a good idea to try and finish off already downed enemies in team modes.

  • Visit an Oversized Phone, a Giant Piano, and a Dancing Fish
  • We’ve got full maps of where to go for this, so click the link to see the page.

  • Search chests in different named locations in a single match
  • This looks kind of tough, but if you target areas far away from the line of the Battlebus it’s not too hard. Places like Polar Peak, Frosty Flights and Happy Hamlet have a lot of chests but aren’t very popular.

  • Stage 1-3: Eliminate an opponent from 50m, 75m, and 100m away
  • If you’re not a crack-shot with a sniper, big team games like Team Rumble might be your best shot for this since there’s a much denser population of enemies.

For more Fortnite challenges, take a look at our running list of Fortbyte locations.

In other news, it looks like there’s a big new crossover event coming to Fortnite – Wick’s Bounty, featuring a new John Wick skin.

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