Sony’s XB900N headphones offer noise canceling and lots of bass for $250

Noise-canceling headphones, especially ones that also have good sound quality and comfort, tend to be expensive. If you don’t have $300 or more to spend on a set of cans, Sony’s latest headphones aim to make noise canceling a little bit more accessible at $250.

Noise canceling aside, the design of the new XB900N over-ear headphones ticks a few important boxes. The ear cups can swivel and fold, making them easier to rest around your neck or bundle up in your bag, and the headband was designed to be comfortable, which is essential for long flights or study sessions when you’ll have these on for hours at a time.

The XB900N’s other skill is hinted at in the name: XB stands for “extra bass,” so you can probably expect a thick layer of bass in...

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