Rage 2 is a big, dumb shooter that’s a lot of fun

Of all the blockbuster games in need of a sequel, 2011’s Rage has to be near the bottom of the list. The id-developed post-apocalyptic shooter was a stunning technical showcase, but an entirely forgettable game, set in a drab brown world that did little to distinguish itself. It’s hard to imagine many came away from the game dying to know what happened next. But alas, here we are, and Rage 2 is a video game you can play right now. It’s not an especially original one, either. It’s like a grab bag of existing open-world concepts, fused with some excellent Doom-style gunplay and a set in a slightly more colorful take on Mad Max.

That doesn’t sound like a recipe for success — and yet, strangely, Rage 2 succeeds. What it lacks in originality...

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