Rage 2 has a slightly disturbing Easter egg of id Software’s Tim Willits

Tim Willits, studio director at Rage 2 co-developer id Software, has been immortalised in the game in a bizarre way.

Normally, when developers insert themselves into their creations, it’s through the name of a random character, a mention in an audio log, or something to that effect.

In Rage 2, a game that’s not so subtle, Tim Willits plays a character named Wimothy Tiliits (via PCGamesN). This NPC doesn’t talk, and he’s not even part of the story.

Instead, you’ll find Tiliits in Wellspring sitting on a toilet – presumably taking care of business, and… eating a rat? He’s certainly obsessed with rats, because his little abode is decorated with a few of their carcasses.

Like most random NPCs in Rage 2, you can get closer to hear them say one line of dialogue or go through a canned animation. In this case, Tiliits is petting a rat as he laughs sinisterly.

You can visit him yourself when you reach Wellspring. Once you enter the town, turn right into the alleyway and keep going until you find him. Or, you can watch the video below from xGarbett instead.

If you’re more interested in hunting the more useful Arks in the world of Rage 2, our Ark location guide will make that process a breeze.

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