Rage 2 Ark locations guide – where to find the best weapons and abilities

Rage 2 is out and it’s brilliant, mixing bombastic shooting with a deep and varied open world. Scattered across the irradiated landscape are Arks – huge vessels where you’ll find a boat load of loot, as well as the game’s best weapons and abilities.

You don’t actually visit most of them during the game’s relatively short story, so to get the most out of your time you’ll need to seek them out.

Below is every Ark location we’ve found so far in Rage 2, so you can barge your way through the pink post-apocalypse with glee.

Rage 2 Ark locations

Like most open world games, there’s a fair bit of traversal to get from point A to point B. But in the case of Rage 2’s Arks, it’s worth it. Nestled inside each futuristic sky chest is a dangerous goodie to savour, whether that’s a tasty weapon, devastating power-up, or game-changing movement aid.

Marked on the maps below is everywhere you can find an Ark. Once you’ve discovered the area and battled your way inside, grab what you need and let rip.

Pay attention to the enemy difficulty of each Ark – this is the rough order at which you should attempt the challenge.

Ark Power Up Enemy Difficulty
Junker's Pass Ark Shatter 2
Great Crack Ark Grav-Jump 3
Earthscar Ark Slam 3
Strongbox Ark Smart Rocket Launcher 4
Canyon Cove Ark Defibrillator 5
Spikewind Ark Barrier 6
Dealypipe Ark Rush 6
Shrouded Vault Ark Charged Pulse Canon 6
Dank Catacomb Ark Firestorm Revolver 7
Needle Falls Ark Grav-Dart Launcher 7
Greenhaven Ark Hyper-Cannon Railgun 10

Junker’s Pass Ark

Towards the south of the worldmap, the Junker’s Pass Ark is near the centre of the area.

Great Crack Ark

To the west of the Canyon Cove Ark, and north of the Junker’s Pass Ark, you’ll find the Great Crack.

Earthscar Ark

The Earthscar Ark is towards the north of the world, roughly in-line with the Canyon Cove Ark.

Strongbox Ark

Towards the northeast of the worldmap you’ll find the Strongbox Ark.

Cayon Cove Ark

The Canyon Cove Ark is in the southeast of the area, near the boarder with Junker’s Pass.

Spikewind Ark

The Spikewind Ark is in the southwest of the world, near the Junker’s Pass Ark.

Dealypipe Ark

Keep going west from the Spikewind Ark and you’ll find the Dealypipe Ark.

Shrouded Vault Ark

The Shrouded Vault Ark is the furthest south, right down in the southwest corner of the map.

Dank Catacombs Ark

You’ll find the Dank Catacomb Ark up in the northwest of the worldmap.

Needle Falls Ark

In the northernmost area of the map, you’ll find the Needle Falls Ark towards the southwest of the area.

Greenhaven Ark

The toughest Ark in the game is also the furthest north.

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