Epic Games Store’s first sale knocks $10 off of all $15-plus games

Epic Games Store is hosting its first big sale, and it’s taking $10 off of every game that costs more than $14.99. It’s another not-so-subtle jab at Valve’s Steam, the PC gaming storefront that made a name for itself in part from its huge store-wide discounts. Epic has been challenging Steam on several fronts, and now it’s flexing some big discounts in its catalog of games, including its suite of exclusives.

Bithell Games’ upcoming John Wick Hex costs $7.99 (usually $19.99), Hades costs $6.99 (usually $19.99), and Satisfactory costs $19.95 (instead of $29.95). If you were interested in preordering Borderlands 3, it’ll cost $49.99 instead of $59.99.

The discount won’t register for DLC or in-game purchases, though there’s no limit on how...

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