Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Keeper’s Insights guide – where to find every Perception of Hermes

As if slowing time and kicking fools off ledges wasn’t strong enough, the new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey features some seriously powerful upgrades for your skills. In their new role as The Keeper, our Eagle Bearer must scour the simulation of Elysium to gain the strength and insight to wield the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus. To do so, they must retrieve all of the Keeper’s Insights as part of the “A Growing Perception” quest.

Since uncovering these artifacts and the ability upgrades they bestow isn’t always a straightforward task, here’s where to find each and every one of the Keeper’s Insights in the Fate of Atlantis DLC.

Where to find the Keeper’s Insights

You’ll have access to most of the Perceptions of Hermes as soon as you land in Elysium. So you can grab three of the four you need to complete the quest at your leisure.

Two of the artifacts are in Pheraia’s Retreat, one is near Persephone’s lair in the Asphodel Fields, while the final one is collected during a required story quest with Hermes in Minos’s Faith.

Dead Heroes Haven Insight

This is the easiest of the four to miss, since it’s on side-path in a location you visit quite early in the DLC.

The Keepers Insight is found inside Gaia’s Underpass, which is to the east of Hekate’s base in Pheraia’s Retreat.

Make your way to Gaia’s Underpass and go inside, turn right, then go through the door and break down the wooden barrier to advance.

On the other side, go forward down the stairs, roll past the floor traps and jump over the debris blocking your path.

Follow the corridor and turn left at the end, then climb up on the wooden structure you find in the next room.

Go around to the left and pull out the shelves to create a hole that you can get through.

Now go back around and drop down, then go through the door on the other side.

In the next area, you’ll see a statue on your right. Go around behind it and break down the wall, make your way through the hole, then go down the stairs.

Pull out the shelf blocking your path at the bottom of the stairs and go into the next room.

On the left, push in the first shelf, then break the wooden panel on your right.

This lets you go around, where you can pull the long shelf to the right, then pull the other shelves into the space it leaves.

Now go to the other side of the room, pull the long shelf to the left, then make a hole you can advance through by pulling one of the small shelves out and pushing them both over to the right.

On the inside, pull the long shelf to the right then pull the other shelf into the space it leaves.

Now back in the middle of the room, you should now be able to push the large shelf forward. If you can’t go back to either of the sides of the room and make sure the shelves there aren’t blocking it.

Once the way is clear, continue forward and break the wall in front of you. This leads to Dead Heroes’ Haven!

Head inside and the Keeper’s Insight gives you the Kronos Time Warp upgrade for your Slow Time ability.

Sunken Jaw of the Styx Insight

The second Insight in the Pheraia’s Retreat area, is easier to obtain.

You’ll find the Sunken Jaw of the Styx in the waterway in the southeast of Pheraia’s Retreat, south of the village of Stroma.

The entrance is underwater, and it takes a bit of swimming to get there, so this is a good use of the Poseidon’s Trident ability.

From where you discover the location, dive straight down and you’ll see and opening in the rock. To advance just keep swimming forward, it’s long but just keep going.

Inside, jump across the gap in the cave, then slide under it.

Go straight across in the next room, then in the next corridor, bear right for a legendary chest, then go back and squeeze through wall gap on the left.

Follow the cave to the end and you’ll get another ability. This time it gives you the Might of Artemis upgrade to the Rain of Destruction ability.

Buried Silence Cave

Up in the Asphodel Fields, you’ll find Buried Silence Cave at ground level on the northern side of Persephone’s Acropolis.

Once you’ve found the cave it’s pretty simple to bag the upgrade, just walk in through the entrance and follow the cave to the end.

The twist this time is that two Kolossi are guarding the relic, so take one out with a Critical Assassinate then face up to the other.

The Keeper and the Key quest

The last Keeper’s Insight is obtained during The Keeper and the Key, where Hermes shows you around some of the major landmarks in Minos’s Faith.

Head over to Hermes’ Workshop and accept the quest, then follow Hermes around for a bit.

When you’re told to retrieve the Insight, go into the cave in front of you and climb up the wooden structure and then the ladder.

At the top of the ladder, climb up to the top floor of the ruin, then jump across to the dilapidated bridge to the north.

On the other side, turn left and use the Wings of Hermes teleporter.

When you regain control bear left, then slide back down the rope to the where you just were, but now you’re on the wooden walkways you couldn’t reach.

Jump around the walkways, then walk across the vine to the next area.

On the other side climb up the stairs, then go around to the left, look down and shoot the pots, then push the shelf out of your way.

With the way clear, turn right and use the teleporter.

When you regain control, climb the branch in front of you to cross the bridge, then jump across and enter the building – you should discover the Veiled Altar of Hermes location.

Now go around to the left, climbing the branches to get higher and higher, until you reach the roof of the temple with a wrecked ship.

There’s a building on the left with an open door, this is where you’ll find the last Insight.

Jump down the hole and interact with the Altar in the room behind you. You’ll get an awesome upgraded Bull Rush ability!

You can then continue through the curtains and kill the Kolossi in the next room, before returning to Hermes via the long rope slide you find if you keep following the corridor around.

Now that you’ve made a strong start to the Fate of Atlantis DLC and collected all of the insights, you can focus on the story and enjoying your new abilities!

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