Destiny 2: Forsaken: Double Trouble Triumph and twin chests

The Dreaming City keeps throwing some interesting stuff at us and this secret activity is no different.

Tied to one of The Dreaming City’s triumphs, it drops two chests on completion which is pretty generous by Destiny 2’s standards. This quest requires a minimum of three Guardians so is perfect to play with your fireteam.

To find this triumph, head over to the Divialian Mists. You’re looking for the palace entrance you would usually use to access The Blind Well. Clear out the enemies in the area and then take a look around.

What you’re looking for are three circular rock formations, just large enough for one Guardian to stand in. You will have to wait until there is a glowing aura around the stones in order for this to work. The aura appears at random so if you arrive and they look like plain stones, try going back into Orbit for a moment then flying back down to see if they have changed.

There’s one just in front of the door to the palace, one on the right hand side on a hill edge and the last one is on the left past some big rocks. They form a sort of triangle shape which you may be able to see from each Guardian’s perspective.

Have a Guardian stand in each ring for a few moments then a special boss will spawn, Paradii the Vigilant. Once defeated he will drop two chests. The loot may not be especially powerful but it is a good source of dark fragments. Alongside this, you’ll also get the Triumph “Double Trouble”.

There is a second boss which needs to be defeated to unlock this Triumph called Bakken the Relentless, however, we’re struggling to find any more information regarding where to find this elusive boss, so check back regularly for updates!

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