Apple AirPods Black Friday Deals – What to expect and deals live now

Apple – Black Friday

It should be no surprise to anyone that of all the deals, discounts and offers that appear during Black Friday, very few are as popular as the those bestowed to Apple products. Yes, the tech giant has become a major component of the Black Friday sale, giving people a chance to bypass the company’s high prices and bag themselves a bargain.

Throughout the Black Friday season, we’ll be running several deals pages dedicated to Apple products but if you’re in a rush then this page will serve as a collection of all the best offers from across those pages.

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In terms of what to expect this year, the level of clarity varies from product to product. Given that no new MacBooks have been released this year, it’s almost a given that we’ll see something to match last year’s £100 discount but by how much remains to be seen.
iPhones are a little trickier to pinpoint due to the increased prices of the iPhone XS and XS Max over the iPhone X. During last year’s Black Friday, even though the phone was just a few months old at that point, Walmart offered a $300 gift card with eligible iPhone X purchases. In the UK, sold the iPhone X on a 40GB contract for just £56 a month and £150 upfront (with code TRUSTED10) on O2. That contract would have you paying roughly £21 a month for a 40GB SIM which is a fantastic offer on such a new phone.
With several new iPads expected to be announced at Apple’s upcoming event in New York, it’s unlikely that those models will receive discounts so close to Black Friday. Where things could get interesting is with the older iPad models. In the run up to Black Friday, Argos docked £74.90 off the price of a brand new iPad Pro, meaning that it’s fair to expect a far more substantial discount this time around.

Apple – Deals Live Now

If Black Friday and Cyber Monday seem just a bit too far away and you’re in the mood for some immediate retail therapy, then you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of deals available right now across Apple’s range of products. Just take a look below if you don’t believe me.

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